Why I VolunteerWhat Keeps Us Coming Back

We also asked members why they continued to volunteer. While similar to the reasons to why they joined, many said it was also because they felt a strong sense of camaraderie, teamwork and commitment to the mission.

“The people we run with, the patients we serve (you really never know what you’re going to see/encounter)”
“I like running calls and I like being around the people on my crew”
“Responsibility to community and learning experience”
“Friendships I’ve formed”
“I’m committed to my crew and to my community.”
“Providing essential EMS for the community & leading the next generation of EMS providers”
“I enjoy it – I like the camaraderie.”
“The sense of performing a duty for the community.”
“Habit :-). Seriously, it’s part of my life.”
“For my community and for my crew”
“I have a wonderful crew and the surprise element of every call keeps it interesting”
“The people and the training opportunities”
“Crew 3 is my family, enjoy helping others.”
“I really enjoy learning about patient care and the medicine aspect of it. I also really like that everyone on my crew is so willing to teach me about the field and their experiences.”
“I like being able to serve the community and I enjoy the camaraderie and relationships I’ve built being a member of SVRS.”

Join us in bringing compassion, dedication and excellence to every call, every day.