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As a volunteer, there are many ways you can become a member of our team and we can find a way to use your skill set:

  • Operational Volunteer- These are the first responder volunteers. They are the ones who will answer the call in an emergency. Operational volunteers include:
    • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Help save lives by providing immediate care to the ill and injured and providing life-saving care to a patient while transporting them to the hospital. There are four levels of trained EMT volunteers including EMT, Advanced EMT (AEMT), EMT-Intermediate and EMT-Paramedic.
      • EMT- The EMT certification program is designed to train individuals to function independently in a medical emergency. In this course you’ll learn the basic knowledge and skills needed to deliver basic life support care and is required to progress to more advanced levels of pre-hospital patient care.
      • AEMT– This certification expands upon the basic training you’ve learned through further study in the classroom and the field.
      • EMT- Intermediate- This program certifies technicians to a mid-level of pre-hospital advanced life support care in Virginia. Among the additional training includes clinical rotations spent in the operating room/recovery units, critical care units, labor and delivery units, pediatrics, emergency department, family practice, mental health clinics, dialysis clinics, neurovascular rehabilitation clinics, detoxification units, and extended care facilities. The intermediate program is designed to educate you in the following areas of pre-hospital care: preparatory skills, airway management and ventilation, patient assessment, trauma, medical, special considerations and assessment-based management.
      • EMT-Paramedic- Prior to applying for the paramedic certification, the Commonwealth of Virginia requires professionals to already be certified EMTs. Training requirements at the paramedic level include working in clinical rotation and critical care medical settings. The paramedic program is designed to educate you in all areas of pre-hospital patient care.

To qualify as an EMT-Intermediate or EMT-Paramedic, you must first become certified as an advanced life support provider through Loudoun County.

    • Rescue Operations- Our volunteers are ready to respond to any rescue emergency. From structural collapses and emergencies involving trenches or confined spaces, to auto accidents and water rescues along the Potomac River and nearby ponds, we have the capabilities to help. Our volunteers also comprise the Northern Virginia Task Force 8 (TF8), who are deployed at the request of the governor or the Office of EMS to provide assistance to parts of Virginia affected by disaster.
    • EMS Bike Team- The SVRS EMS Bike Team was established in 1996 as a new, innovative method of delivering EMS to a unique population. Within Loudoun County and the surrounding area, there are hundreds of miles of highly populated bike paths, trails and parks that are out of reach to most fire and rescue vehicles. Our team is frequently requested to assist surrounding jurisdictions with searches, event stand-bys and public relations events. In addition, the team attends community events, picnics, block parties, and parades.
  • Administrative Volunteer- These are the volunteers who work behind the scenes to support the station. We need them to handle the business affairs and management needed to keep the squad running. Among the responsibilities include:
    • Office Personnel / Data Entry / Accounting / Finance
    • Logistics / Fleet Management
    • Fundraising / Marketing / Grant and Proposal Writing
    • Recruiting & Retention / Public Relations / Public Education
    • Information Technology
    • Chaplains
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Business Professionals